You don’t have to visit the salon regularly in order to have perfect and beautiful nails. You just need to have a well-balanced diet, a thoughtful beauty regimen and a good personal hygiene. Having a well-cared nails can add to your overall look and it will also show how hygienic and self-caring you are. Here are some few tips you can try out in order to maintain the beauty of your nails.

1. Don’t trim your cuticles
Cutting your cuticles can lead to painful infections as it will expose your nails to various germs. All you need to do is to moisten your cuticle and gently push them back using a wooden orange stick.

2. Avoid using harsh polish
Always read the label of your nail polishes before purchasing them and make sure that they don’t contain any harmful chemicals that may damage your nails. The safest option is to buy water-based polish as it is non-toxic and easy to remove.

3. Apply hand creams
Washing your hands constantly can actually increase the risk of nail breakage. The best way to avoid this is to use hand and nail cream after washing your hands. This will help keep your nails healthy and strong.

4. Eat rich in calcium foods
Diet is very important to maintaining healthy nails. Eat foods that are rich in calcium as it will make your nails strong and healthy especially if you are one those whose nails tend to split.

5. Choose a good nail polish remover
Always use an acetone-free nail polish remover because it is less harsh on your nails. You can also use natural polish remover that is already available in the market.

6. Choose health over length
Having long nails may make your hands look elegant. However, it will also put your nails at risk of snagging and breaking. It is always better to keep them rounded and short because you won’t have to worry about anything catches your nails that may damage them.

7. Always keep your tools clean
It is always important to take care of your tools. Make sure to disinfect your tools before using them to reduce your risk of acquiring bacteria when cleaning your nails.

8. Be gentle
Avoid intense scrubbing or poking under your nails with metal tool as this can remove the nail plate from your skin which will expose you to bacteria that may cause infections.