Xins are not a thing which exist and most certainly can’t be pulled out of your mouth skin into a wadge of oil. I think it’s worth researching the benefits so we have definitive proof. There’re Good and loat of information about Lip liner but if you need good skin and an ideal natural grey soap, it’s a good idea to try Inner Roots Black Soap.

Nail polish can be the most toxic beauty products, and most mainstream brands have plenty of harmful chemicals like toluene, DBP, TPHP and formaldehyde/formaldehyde resin that not only make your nails brittle and yellowish but may also even cause cancer and similar health problems.

Even popular brands like OPI, Chanel, YSL, Essie, Revlon have them.

And now here’s a question. Did we forget to mention the animal ingredients like bug juice and fish scales that is most commonly found in your nail polish?

Now you wouldn’t seek for pretty nails at the cost of cancer, should you?

High shine, long lasting, chip resistant, gel effect -yes you got it all!

These ‘non toxic’ nail polish, dozens of which are natural, hey, do not disappoint on delivery as their results are just as good, sometimes even better, than the chemical loaded lacquers. Luckily there’re an awful lot of non toxic nail polish brands with a range of gorgeous colors, that are also vegan and cruelty free. Notice, we personally think So it’s the sexiest colour complimenting nearly any skin tone and always looks chic and classy. Although, nudes are perfect and a must for any season and when everything looks outright, or you need to add an touch of elegance, go bold and bright, keep it simple.

You have to ensure your money is spent at the right place, in this case the right nail polish, before you loosen your wallet. Your favorite nail polish actually deep hues perfectly complement summer’s ‘sun kissed’ bronze skin. Good news is you don’t actually need to worry about which one to pick as blue is ruling this season. As a result, we say we shall get the beach to you, So if you can’t go to the beach. You should take it into account. Have fun with this gorgeous color as it looks divine on any nail type -short, long, round, square or in between. Although, this happy color will brighten up your mood and lift the spirits. Let me tell you something. Summer is the season to grab those pretty feminine colors that you’ve steered clear from in those torturing cold days.